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VARU about us


We love making people feel great. Inside and out.

It’s true we live cosmetics from the lab to the lips. But what really drives us, what makes it all worthwhile, is seeing what a difference it makes to you.

Our designer colour cosmetics are created with a level of natural ingredients, performance, and sensory experience never seen before.

So, why aren’t other brands being as fierce in their pursuit for such a balance of clean performance?

Well, that comes down to one very interesting person, our founder, Jigna Varu.


Jigna Varu is a successful businessperson in her own right. A respected CEO, an extraordinary scientist, award-winning international business director and listed in the top females of the UK for business.  

She’s surpassed and accomplished more than most in the chemical industry and already become a symbol of inspiration for countless young women around the world. 

An impressive track record - but Jigna’s heart was always elsewhere. 

Her experience as a professional make-up artist and formulation expert, combined with her passion for cosmetics couldn’t lay dormant forever. 

That’s why she wishes with all her heart that VARU will lead the way to empower women to truly be themselves, no matter what adversities they face in life.

"VARU is about full transparency. There are no labels. It’s been created out of love and care for all. Having experienced limitations in my own make-up bag, I wanted to create cosmetics that are truly inclusive, in every sense of the word, from colour to multi-religious clearance. I’m conscious of the long-lasting damage that harsh chemicals can leave not only on our skin, but internally in our bodies too. 

I want you to care for yourself, for one another and our environment. 

For anyone who has faced discriminations, do not let them have any validation in your world, take the journey to be your true authentic self, with VARU. 

VARU is for your skin, your senses… VARU is for you.” 

With Love, 

Jigna varu
Sukhi Wahiwala Chairman

OUR Chairman

Sukhi Wahiwala is known to openly share from stage his values as a Proud Father of 4, Husband, Son & Brother to his Siblings.

As a very well known Sikh Business Celebrity in his home town, and also known to the Sikh Channel Audience he was schooled in business by his Parents, humbly becoming a Multi-Millionaire by 25 and financially free by 27. 

As a successful down to earth and Award Winning Entrepreneur, he is also a Forbes Recognised Judge, Ted Talk Speaker and has built, an established business empire.

Since 2006 following a near death experience he has made it his life long mission to transform the lives and business worlds of many.

He’s the current Chairman of the Wahiwala Group of Companies, consisting of Formal Business Masterminding Programmes, An on-Line Inspired University, Founder of the Business  Growth Mastermind Group, and On-Line Smart Hub.

Sukhi Wahiwala

Varu product in hand
Jigna Varu product